How Robots Will Change Our Lives- Part 2

The robots are coming and their presence will eventually bridge the digital-physical divide, dramatically impacting human life, experts say. This is the robotic future.

However, while a lot of attention has focused on how robots could hurt employment by replacing some human jobs, there are a number of positive ways robots may impact human life.

Here are some ways robots may change your life in the future:

5. Let the Robot Drive:

Google self driving car

Robots may be impacting your commute sooner than you think.

According to Google, we are only about three to five years away from an autonomous car that is roadworthy. But before driverless cars are able to freely chauffeur humans around, there is still some work to do, Nourbakhsh said.

“There are absolutely critical infrastructures that haven’t been designed yet,” he said.

However, once the right structures are in place, there is the potential to significantly reduce traffic accidents, pollution and energy consumption.

6. Robot Teachers:

Robotics education

A number of schools in the U.S. are already adopting robots into the classroom, not as replacements for teachers, but as teaching assistants. And it won’t be long before robots play a bigger role in the educational system, experts say.

Robots can be programmed to teach just about anything, making them an effective classroom tool.

“The cool thing robots do in the classroom is that they turn classes where you learn facts in a vacuum into classes where you solve real-world problems you really have,” Nourbakhsh said. “You work on real-world challenges, you sense air pollution, you make a kinetic sculpture that motivates your mom to stop smoking on the stoop—so you are learning about biology, programming, craft, rhetoric and air quality all at once. Robots integrate across disciplines.”

7. Robot Entertainers:


A big shift in the entertainment industry will spur from telepresence robots because it will allow people to travel and attend events just about anywhere.

However, robots will also be able to perform music and make artwork for humans to enjoy.

An all robot band called Compressorhead recently performed at a Gibson booth during the Frankfurt Music Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

8. Longer Lives via Avatars:



Robots may also be key in helping humans dramatically extend their lifespan, according to Russian tycoon Dmitry Itskov.

Itskov is the founder of the 2045 Initiative, which is a non-profit organization focused on creating an international research center for scientists to research and develop technologies in the field of life extension. His vision consists of humans eventually being able to transfer their human consciousness in an artificial form to avatars.

Itskov said he envisions robots like the pictured Geminoid DK—which is a robot that looks like its master—as an ideal host for real human consciousness, thus allowing for humans to extend their life.

(Source: CNBC)

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